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9 Ways to Get Yourself Moving

Most of us know exactly what we need to do to lose weight and get healthy.  Either the thought of it is way to overwhelming to handle or we decide that it’s just too hard. We make excuses or tell ourselves stories about why we can’t be successful. But I have a little secret to […]

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My Best Tip For Your Health (and Your Family’s Health!)

People often ask me, what is the most important thing I can do to improve my health? For most of us, improving our health and losing weight seems like a terrible, horrible, no good, very bad journey. We see our future fraught with deprivation and misery. Or maybe we know exactly what to do, but […]

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How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet

Happy 2014!  I’m approaching the new year in a totally different way. In the past,  I’ve made a resolution or two for the year and then forgotten about them by the time it was February.  Other years I skipped the resolution-making, and left everything to chance. This year I’m making a plan for my year. […]

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10+1 Ways to Take a Vacation Without Actually Taking a vacation

10+1 Ways to Take a Vacation Without Actually Taking a vacation

  Ever notice how when we talk about stress, our eyes seem to glaze over?  We might get lost in a  little daydream or revert to our happy place, we may zone out or think of what we have to get at the supermarket or the 85 other things that we have to do before […]

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The Skinny on Fats?  It’s not what you think.

The Skinny on Fats? It’s not what you think.

I became conscious of my weight at age 16. That was back in the 90s during the fat-free revolution. Back then the only info you needed from the nutrition label was the total number of grams of fat and the grams of saturated fat. Remember Snackwell’s cookies? They were my favorite! I loved the reduced […]

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ready for spring?

ready for spring?

Spring is such an uplifting, invigorating time of year! Each day waiting/hoping/wishing for warmer weather. And the feeling that you want to do something, ANYTHING. The sweaters make their way into storage, you pull out your clothes from last year, you try on your favorite pair of capris, and you realize. They’re hard to get […]

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5 Things I Love Right Now

I am always searching, searching, searching for great products with real ingredients and no toxic chemicals. Here are a few things that I absolutely had to share because they are rocking my world, and I think that you just might love them too! 1. Kale chips. Kale is growing increasingly popular these days, mainly due […]

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What’s Next For You?

Last February, I faced an important decision. I had a new baby girl, just three months old, and a three- and four-year old. A friend’s Facebook post lead me to discover IIN and its Health Coaching program. I knew I had a passion for nutrition and that I really wanted to help the people around […]

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Live Life Happy

We have choices in our lives, whether or not we recognize it. And whether we choose to make a change, or we do nothing, we are still choosing. My husband and I went to Matty K. Day yesterday at Citi Field, a charity event for his cousin who tragically passed away four years ago of […]

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3 Foods to Keep Out of Your Child’s Lunch Box (and what to put in it)!

My son is starting kindergarten this week, and like most other moms, I am baffled by how quickly five years has gone, and how my first baby has grown. And now I’ve inherited a new title: lunch packer. While I’ve become really good at packing my own lunch, I am new to packing lunch for […]

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